A Ghost Takes You to Dinner (Ulisses Capozzoli; Ulisses Capozzoli; Danilo Santos de Miranda; Sérgio Amadeu da Silveira. Edições Sesc São Paulo)

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    In what way could using a GPS to circulate in city traffic be connected to cosmic stars lying a billion light-years away from planet Earth? The intriguing answer is that they are irrevocably bound by a relation that traverses centuries of scientific knowledge, quasars located billions of light-years away from the Milky Way and names like Galileo Galilei, Max Planck, Tycho Brahe, Newton, Kepler, Copernicus , Herschel and Albert Einstein. In an inventive and information-rich narrative, the journalist and Master and Doctor of Science Ulisses Capozzoli starts out from the commonplace use of satellite-based geolocation systems to illustrate how science reveals itself in much of our daily lives. The book is the first title of the Science in Everyday Life series, published exclusively in digital format.

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